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Chia Seeds Review

January 31, 2011

Ever have a ch-ch-ch-chia pet?  Chia seeds (in food, not on ceramic animals) are making their way around the food blogs and I thought I’d finally give it my own try.  Verdict?  Delicious!

I love trying new ingredients and reading about the latest foods that make their way around blogs and health stores, but after hearing about negatives of agave nectar from Marion Nestle on Good Food, I’m trying to do more of my own research and become a bit more distinguishing when it comes to the latest food fad.  As far as I have read, however, it seems that chia is a good source of protein, fiber, and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids (which is always great if you’re vegetarian like me!).  They also have a history in the pre-Colombian diets of Aztecs and Mayans.

Here’s a few decent resources (as in websites that are not also trying to sell the stuff) if you want to do your own nutritional resources on Chia:

I obtained my Chia seeds at the Whole Foods market, which they have in the bulk section.  To sample them, I heard the seeds are good in beverages, like a Chia Fresca, so I mixed a good squeeze of lemon, a good squeeze of orange, and a good amount of pomegranate blueberry juice in the bottle and filled the rest with water.  I then added my chia seeds.  I kind of eyeballed it but supposedly a good ratio is one tablespoon for every one cup of water.  Then I shook it up a bit and waited 5 or 10 minutes for the chia to do their thing.

As far as the taste and mouthfeel go, I was expecting some sort of weird jelly feeling with a super crunchy interior… kind of like gelatinous sand.  Its much more pleasant than gelatinous sand, however.  Its kind of like having small tapioca balls in your drink, that have just a very slight crunch to them when you bite into the center.  Contrary to being something I “tolerated” in my drink for their nutritional value, I actually really enjoy them in there and will be sure to keep this as a staple in my diet.

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