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Home-Etched Carafe with Glass

January 10, 2011

I went to Atascadero with Boyfriend a couple months ago to visit my Aunt and her husband.  We hit the road pretty late after Boyfriend got off work, ate some Thai, and let the Friday night Los Angeles traffic die down.  We arrived at nearly midnight after they were asleep, and in the guest room, my aunt had placed a carafe with lemon water and a glass on top to quench our thirst before we hit the hay.  I thought the carafe was adorable, and the concept very welcoming, so when my mom and sister and I decided to get together for a glass etching crafting session it wasn’t to difficult for me to figure out what I wanted to do.  My brother-in-law lovingly dubbed our weekend crafting sessions “Arts and Crafts with the Wafer Women” and jokes that we should have our own T.V. show, but I think we’ll stick with the blog for now!

I went to Michaels for all of the supplies, thanks to a very generous gift certificate from Boyfriend’s mother for Christmas (joy!!), and got some Armour Etch Cream and blank etching stencils since I already had my carafe and a razor (for making the stencils).  You can also buy pre-cut vinyl stencils, but I like doing my own thing.  I also read at Martha Stewart that you can use contact paper as well, but I imagine those don’t hold up over time quite as well if you want to use your stencil more than once (and take my word for it, after putting all that patience and effort into creating your stencil, you will).

I picked my design by modifying a couple things I snagged from the internet, then carefully taping my drawings over the blank vinyl stencil, and proceeding to cut out my stencil with a hand-held razor blade.

Once that part was done, it was all pretty easy.  I stuck my vinyl stencil to my carafe in the desired spots, which did take some patience and skill as it’s more challenging on a curved surface (keep that in mind with your designs! My sister couldn’t use her large, complicated stencils on her champagne glasses like she had wanted).  Use a paintbrush to put on the Armour Etch, and wait.  The bottle says to wait for five minutes, but I wanted it to look even more etched than five minutes allowed for so I left it on for fifteen.  Then I just rinsed it off the Armour Etch under running water, and took off my stencil.  I am so excited to use this for visitors in a guest room!

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  1. scrappy buttons permalink
    February 4, 2011 11:29 am

    I think this is most elegant. I was going to buy a nightstand water carafe for my step mother…thanks for the idea I will now be making it instead….Thanks for sharing

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